Vista de Zaragoza en 1647 (Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo)

Why I’m writing (or, why you might be reading)

History is a practice of careful questioning. Good historians make good economists, good jurists, good doctors. Although I write on a range of subjects, my training and methods are historical. I like arguments that consider events and processes, forms and functions, concepts and contexts. The present is fair game, along with everything before it (and after).

Who I am

I am a graduate of Harvard College, where I trained in Social Studies and wrote for The Crimson, and of Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California. I live in New York City, where I split my time between electronic trading and reading the newspaper. When I’m thinking about history, it’s usually by way of Abraham Lincoln or C.L.R. James. I’m big on essays and articles – less on novels.

Why “the weekend?”

History is a noble discipline, but it can leave one without money for the milkman. More seriously, many of the greatest historical minds honed their thinking indirectly – through what Michel de Certeau called the practice of everyday life. For now at least, I will do the same.